Skin Care For Florists

Dermatitis is a term often used to describe a variety of skin conditions. In everyday language, it is commonly interchanged with eczema. Nonetheless, by whatever name work-related skin conditions are referenced, they are usually caused by coming into direct contact with allergens and irritants. It is also associated with wet work and incorrect skin hygiene routines. If you work as a florist then you will already know that these two factors are all-pervasive in almost all tasks that are undertaken in the floral arrangement industry.

Skin irritants are universal. Or, in everyday language, substances that cause irritation effect everybody. The only difference from one person to the next is the extent of that irritation. Allergens vary in the respect that some people, even if brought into direct contact with them, may not display any reaction whatsoever. In this case, the genetic makeup and personal situation of each individual may be a factor in the presence and extent of the allergy.

The constant possibility of exposure to allergens and irritants is an everyday occurrence for every florist.

Plants that florists will be familiar with, and which are generally accepted as being responsible for dermatitis, are daffodils, primulas, chrysanthemums and dalias. Many skin conditions, including dermatitis, usually respond positively to appropriate self-help remedies and treatment. However, you should consult your doctor if your dermatitis has flared up over a short time period, is widespread, fails to respond to treatment, or if you have other health issue concerns. Sap exuding from cut plant stems is also generally considered to be another potential irritant that can produce an allergic skin reaction. Other suspect substances that a florist can expect to encounter include earth, compost and traces of fertilizers and pesticides.

Allergens carry the unfortunate property that once your skin acquires a reaction to any particular substance it will always be prone to react to that same substance, regardless of how long a period separates each incidence of exposure. In fact, once sensitised, you may find that other areas of your skin becoming sensitive to the same allergen.

Work related dermatitis is regularly connected to, and is often a consequence of, “wet work”. Wet work is specifically defined in the United Kingdom by the Health & Safety Executive. Precisely, if your hands are totally submerged in water for more than 2 hours a day, or if your occupational duties necessitate washing your hands 20 or more times during the working day, then you are engaging in wet work. However, this is not the only official definition of wet work. Anyone who is in constant or regular contact with damp items, especially cloth and other materials that feel wet to the touch, is classed as undertaking wet work.

It may seem contrary to commonsense but wet work often results in dry skin. However, constantly wetting and washing hands will lead to the outer layer of lipids on your skin being stripped away. The roll of these lipids in maintaining health skin is fundamental. A healthy epidermis retains its suppleness by keeping moisture locked in. The top layer of lipids performs this basic function. Thus, even though it seems contrary to commonsense, excessive wetting ultimately results in the skin becoming dry and brittle.

So, finally, let us consider just one more issue. Existing skin problems are also prone to adversely react to inappropriate cleaning practices. Over exuberant cleaning, especially with strong soaps or cleaning gels and lotions can inflict additional damages to your skin. Likewise rubbing to dry your skin with rough towels. Also be aware that fragrance and other cosmetic additives often involve using chemicals that are a further source of potential irritation to sensitive skin.

Thankfully, work related dermatitis is not an insurmountable problem. An easy and simple routine which you can incorporate into your normal day-to-day activities can diminish, or even effect a total cure for your occupational dermatitis.

Always be aware of your skin’s health. Similar to any other medical condition, if you experience a sudden deterioration or your symptoms are widespread then you should contact your doctor.

Holistic Anti Aging Skin Care

When it comes to caring for your skin, there are what seems to be a million products out there promising to give you the results you have always wanted. But in reality, there are very few that will actually keep their promise. Holistic skin care is the new revolution to treat your skin with all natural products and having the security that you are treating, and repairing your skin with safe all natural ingredients. A naturally regimented anti-aging skin care that is holistically based. Using safe ingredients that are clinically proven to help you receive the results you have been looking for is easy! Holistic skin care anti aging will give you the results that others can not.

Holistic anti aging and rejuvenating creams, lotions and serums have been featured at the World Congress of Dermatology, these products are safe and effective. Also proven to be more effective then Retinol without the irritation. With breakthrough formulated technologies clinically proven to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine line’s, wrinkles, crow’s feet, while also hydrating and nourishing your skin. Liposome Environmental Lotion is formulated with antioxidants to moisturize and protect skin against pollution and sun damage. Also some of the products can help regenerate photo-aged, and sun damaged skin, and get back the youthful look that everyone longs to have.

Holistic Eye Therapy Dark Circle Complex can significantly diminish the appearance of dark under eye circles and discolorations. It not only diminishes the appearance but also helps to prevent their reappearance.

Holistic Wrinkle Relaxing complex has unique, invisible, wrinkle erasing formula that helps relax and smooth away those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles that we all find to be annoying, while creating a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Holistic, Rejuvenating Products, and Cremes with patented, clinically proven peptides, and anti-aging technologies that are more effective then Retinol, without the irritation. These peptides and technologies not only smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, but they also increase firmness and radiance.

Holistic Hyaluronic moisture crème and Repair concentrate. Holistic Hyaluronic Repair Concentrate is a night repair system for around your eyes and other problem areas. Hyaluronic moisture crème is a rich formula for maximum moisturizing for extremely dry skin.

Lastly, now not only can your skin look, and feel healthier, but you can have the increased flawless look we all want. Holistic Rejuvenating Foundation, feather weight and has the same patented anti aging complex that also helps to regenerate photo-aged skin while also reducing appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. This silky, light diffusing formula will immediately create that much desired flawless, radiant, natural finish.

Everyone has different skin care needs so depending on your individual skin care needs you will be able to find what work best for you.