The Benefits of Emu Oil In Treating Burns

The benefits of emu oil in treating burns has long been understood and used by the Aborigines of Australia. They utilized it in the treatment of all types of skin aliments, especially in treating burn wounds and sunburn.

To better understand the benefits of emu oil, testing has been extensive on many types of ailments and wounds. It has a few properties that make it highly beneficial in treating these wounds. Emu oil has high levels of fatty acids and amino acids, as well as Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. These together with the vitamins and minerals found in the oil allow it to rehydrate the skin and underlying cells. The oil penetrates deeply and effectively, without clogging the pores.

Emu oil is anti fungal and anti bacterial. This means that while rehydrating the damaged cells, it is also reducing inflammation and scarring. The skin has a chance to be repaired without the extra strain of fighting inflammation.

Another benefit of emu oil in treating burn wounds is seen in the ability to lubricate the skin, reducing the formation of a dry, hard crust over the wound, allowing the new skin to grow without constantly cracking and bleeding. After the initial healing period, the skin is found to be more supple, without having lost its elasticity in the healing process.

Regularly massaging the new skin growth around the burn wound after the bandages have been removed reduces the formation of scar material, and increased the flow of blood to the area. The new skin growth occurs more rapidly.

Emu oil can be used just as effectively on sunburn damage. By applying it a few times a day, starting immediately after sunburn has occurred, allows the damage caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays to be not only stopped, but also reversed. The normal sunburn scenario is the following:

  • Immediate redness and tenderness in the affected areas, including blisters in severe cases.
  • Within 5 – 7 days, the skin dies, browns and peels.

By applying emu oil to the affected skin, the following observations have been made:

  • The initial sting wears off in minutes
  • The redness fades within a day or two, and the skin browns. Blisters disappear very quickly, without forming sores.
  • The skin seldom peels.

It has been noted that this indicates not only stopping of the damage, but also a reversing of the damage, by rehydrating the cells with the minerals and fatty and amino acids that have been lost due to the sun’s harmful rays.

By further testing the benefits of emu oil on burn wounds, we will fully understand how to use this wonderful oil in treating the wounds effectively and quickly.

Fruits and Vegetables Rejuvenate Your Skin

For women, getting older and older is the most terrible thing during the whole life. In order to keep young, women have already thought of various ways to deal with the aging. In fact, some fruits and vegetables can effectively rejuvenate the skin for women so as to alleviate the aging.

Cherry can help women whiten the facial skin and remove the wrinkles. It contains abundant vitamin C and iron. Therefore, it also plays important roles in balancing the secretion of cortex, deferring the aging and activating the cells inside the human body.

Red guava can effectively resist oxidation. The ellagic acid contained in red guava can protect the human cells from the environmental pollution and the harm caused by the ultraviolet rays. At the same time, it can nourish the cells and defer the aging of the human organ. According to the research, it can even effectively resist radiation for people.

Carrot plays an important role in nourishing the human skin. The pectin contained in carrot can be integrated with mercury to remove the toxic substances from the human body. The beta-carotene contained in carrot can resist oxidation, beautify the skin and prevent the precipitation of melanin. Vitamin E can also resist oxidation for women.

Cucumber contains various kinds of sugar and amino acid which can accelerate the normal growth and support the physical activities. Abundant vitamins contained in cucumber can provide essential nutrients for the skin and the muscles and prevent the formation of wrinkles. The tartaric acid contained in cucumber can even whiten the skin and remove the freckles for women.

Grape contains abundant grape polyphenol which can resist oxidation, stop the hyperplasia of episome and defer the aging. It also contains tannic acid and citric acid which can soften the human skin. In addition, the abundant vitamin B3 and mineral substances can even nourish the skin, resist aging and accelerate the regenesis of the skin cells.

Lemon contains a large number of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and so on. What’s more, it also contains rich organic acid and citric acid to help the human skin resist oxidation, accelerate the metabolism and restrain the pigmentation.

Apricot contains rather abundant nutrients, such as dietary fibers, vitamin C, mineral substances and vitamin B17. The mineral substances and vegetarian unsaturated oily fat can effectively nourish the skin for women.

The fruits and vegetables mentioned above can effectively beautify the skin for women. Women can choose some of them based on their own situations.